Earlier this year, Salesforce released a new development model called Lightning Web Components, or LWC for short. By replacing the Aura framework, Salesforce promises to provide more stable, faster, and standards-compliant development. How could we possibly pass on these benefits for the most advanced Salesforce scheduler?

So we are happy to announce subsequent versions of Isimio Scheduler for Salesforce will come in the form of a Lightning Web Component!

The application works just like it used to, and keeps all of its old configuration. Our users may notice increased smoothness and faster loading times. Those of you who are developing plugins for Isimio are encouraged to use LWC as well, as it is a truly incredible upgrade when it comes to ease of writing.

New Feature: Calendar View

The 1.19 update also brings about a new monthly calendar view, allowing you to see your data across an entire month.

Isimio Scheduler for Salesforce showing its new Calendar View.
Isimio’s 4th View: Calendar

You aren’t limited to a month, of course – you can still choose the exact date range for your needs. As always, users are able to freely switch between any of the views to find the one that best suits their current objective.

Be imaginative with the calendar view! For example, you can set up a holiday calendar for your internal workers or candidates, and show it inside their record page. You can also set up a home page showing company events, project deadlines, and critical tasks.

These updates are free for all new and existing customers. As always, you are welcome to try Isimio for free, and see how it can help your business!