Isimio users receive new features on a regular basis, and at no additional cost. This month we are excited to bring some groundbreaking new additions our app! Despite being the most advanced scheduling tool on the Salesforce platform, there is always room to do more.

Weekly Scheduling View

Joining the existing roster of Daily, GANTT, Hour, and Calendar views, Isimio now supports a weekly scheduling view which displays records by calendar weeks. Each calendar week is displayed as a column, rather than just a single day. You can use this view to when you want to look at longer time periods – such as planning ahead for a full calendar year.

Isimio weekly view
View records from an entire week in each column


Isimio is great at displaying date and time data according to a parent record. But what if you wanted to display records according to two factors? Maybe you need to group tasks by client AND location. Have no fear: Isimio now supports multiple factors to group records by! Just open the menu and select a secondary relationship to use as a group.

Contextual Filters

We use schedulers in many different contexts. We made Isimio as a Lightning component, which can be added to different lightning page on Salesforce – such as record pages of different objects.

Using contextual filters, you can now define which records you need to load in each of your lightning pages. When you put the scheduler on a project record, you can decide to load only records belonging to that project. When using it on a team record, load only what belongs to that team. And lastly, when using Isimio in your homepage, you can get an unfiltered view of the business.

Other Additions

While the above are a great highlight of the type of features we deliver on a regular basis, our current release contains even more. Printing enhancements, quality-of-life updates, and bug fixes are all included in this release as well. Ask us for the full patch notes before upgrading.