We’re very happy to announce that Isimio is now officially available on the Salesforce AppExchange!

If you’ve been wondering what has been keeping us quiet for the last several weeks, it’s because we’ve been powering through Salesforce’ Security Review. In fact, we’ve done so in an incredible time of 28 days! Since then, our eagle-eyed followers may have noticed the new Guide section of the website. Look no further for documentation, installation instructions, and various tips and tricks.

Check out Isimio on the AppExchange.

This seems like an appropriate moment to thank everyone who’s helped us get to this stage: our beta users, our advisors, and those who just pushed us onward. Also a big shout-out for the people at Salesforce who have been answering our questions and sorting out our support cases – we couldn’t have done this without you.

Launch Updates

With the launch version we’re also bringing some important updates: including Daylight Savings Time support; changing a record’s start or end times by dragging the edges; additional UI configuration options; and of course, a ton of security checks to ensure you have full control over who gets to see and edit what. Our staffing package is also updated with a new availability calendar in the mobile app, mobile forms, and more!

This release also marks the end of our free beta offer. Those already using Isimio, or who are in contact with us, will continue to receive the service for free for the next 18 months – just our way of saying “thank you”.

What’s Next?

This is only the beginning of the road for the team. We’re hard at work with partners to create mutually-beneficial relationships, and the roadmap continues to expand into new horizons. As always, your feedback, suggestions, and ideas will continue shaping what we build.

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