Are you a Salesforce ISV with its own app?
Did you know Isimio is built to work with partners
without any complicated integrations?
Read on, and let’s build something amazing together!

If you have an application that works with date-related information, then you have probably considered utilising a scheduling tool in your offering. If that seems like an insurmountable task, then good news: you can can now instantly improve your user experience by adding Isimio as part of your offering!

Whether your app manages events, projects, volunteers, or anything else you have thought of, Isimio can handle it. It will sit on top of your existing data model, as part of your own application, and provide your users with interactivity like they have never experienced on Salesforce!

Why Isimio is Better

Traditionally, one of the major downsides of integrating with other software is the need for integration and data synchronization. This is why we don’t have any. That’s right: we can place Isimio into your product using nothing but configuration, which can later be deployed to all of your customers who need it. To make things better, you will never have to worry about synchronizing your app data with the scheduler, because it will show records directly from your application’s objects.

Using our scheduler, your users will gain access to UI features not easily found on the platform:

  • Creating and editing records directly from the scheduling interface
  • Drag & drop, copy & paste, undo & redo
  • Advanced validators which show warnings directly on the record
  • Machine-learning data matching algorithm
  • Filters to display only the data they need, when they need it
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Easily-switchable swimlanes, GANTT, or vertical display formats
The same UI, with your own app’s data!

Keep The Best Parts of Your App

But maybe you have designed something truly amazing: algorithms that make up the core of your product, and must be a part of any scheduling tool your app uses? As always, we have you covered. You can build code plugins for Isimio that utilise your own logic – whether on the client or server side:

  • Apex plugins can tie in your server-side logic into the scheduler
  • Javascript plugins allow you to change how any element of the application works on the browser
  • CSS plugins give you control over the look and feel, and allow you to brand Isimio as if it was part of your own product

By the end of the process, you will have a system that truly reflects the spirit of your application!

Getting Started

If you think Isimio can add value to your application, get in touch with us today! Tell us about your product and what you need, and we can work out the details together.

We’re looking forward to working with you!