Isimio’s goal is to support as many scheduling use-cases. We started with swimlanes, proceeded to GANTT, and now we would like to introduce our new Vertical View!

As we hear more from the wonderful Salesforce community, more ideas and requests make it onto our development list. Recently, one such request had us changing our frame of mind: whereas up until now Isimio had excellent views to see data belonging to multiple parents, using our swimlanes and GANTT views, these were not optimized for cases where there is only one parent — or none at all. Much of the screen-space, where these imagine parent records would have been, is left bare.

Our scheduler can already detect when it runs inside a record page. So it makes sense that, in those cases where the scheduler is fixed to a single parent, it would offer the option to show data vertically instead:

Look at all that beautifully-utilized vertical space!

While in vertical view, you can drag the top and bottom edges of a record to lengthen or shorten it. The standard features, such as copy/paste; double-click to create or edit; and drag & drop all still work.

During the process of getting ourselves up on the AppExchange, you can still try Isimio for free (and gain the loyalty benefits afterwards)! We’re better than ever, so give us a try by contacting us here.