Image by Edwin van Buuringen

When it comes to Salesforce applications, performance is a key factor in providing a positive user experience. With every added feature (and especially for those users with larger amounts of data) applications normally sacrifice performance for the sake of features. But Isimio isn’t “normal”, is it?

We are excited to announce our first major performance update!

What’s New?

The beauty of performance updates is that, should everything go well, a user wouldn’t be able to immediately tell the difference once the update is applied. Everything should work the same, but better.

We made this update possible by creating a new product cornerstone: On-Demand Configuration. In plain language, Isimio can now work with events that were not explicitly configured (such as polymorphic relationships, or relationships to data that isn’t configured in the system). It does this by analyzing your data model on-the-go, and instantly configuring the scheduler with just the data it needs.

This creates a seamless experience for the end user. You can link a task to any number of object types, and newly-created records show up in autocomplete results. To all you administrators, this reduces the number of objects that you need configure for Isimio by an approximate 60%.

Data Caching in Isimio

Up until now, Isimio could create a table and match your results because it preloaded a lot of data. We are always working hard to optimise these processes, but are aware of its inevitable performance impact in large organisations. Some users want to see thousands of records on the schedule, and precaching all this data can be slow. It is a problem tackled by others in many different ways, but usually involves pre-filtering data.

That’s all well and good, but who wants to start configuring what data to load every morning, and be locked out of the rest? (Hint: Nobody)

Using the same pipeline for on-demand configuration, Isimio now also loads data when it needs it! This has an incredible performance impact during initialisation, which no longer needs to load all everything you may want to use in a session, but only what you do. You still can preload data, if you work from areas with a spotty connection for instance.

On The Horizon

These changes are all part of our product roadmap. Our main priority as we prepare for our full release is creating an easy installation, configuration, and usage experience.

With the ability to load configuration on-the-fly, we will be able to create more presets for standard Salesforce objects. We will make it easier to configure the scheduler because there will be less to do. We will use this to strengthen the power and efficiency of our plugins.

We’re doing this so we can live up to our motto of always saying “Yes”.

Isimio’s free beta will not last forever, so take the opportunity to try it out today!