One of the things that keeps us busiest is listening to user feedback. We don’t want to be one of those companies that make promises and never deliver (if they even make a promise at all). This is one of the reasons we’ve selected Salesforce to be our platform: each organization can update at their own pace. For some it’s yearly, others monthly, but you can also update the instant our next killer feature goes live!

So here are the new features we will be delivering this week:

  • A data model configuration tool built into the scheduler, allowing users to add, remove, or reconfigure fields on-the-fly
  • A new datepicker, providing a consistant experience across all browsers
  • Our Overlap validator now supports breaks, periods of time between two records on the scheduler, out of the box
  • The scheduler now instantly updates the UI with the results of any automation (triggers, processes, and workflows) after saving
And a little treat: this is what Isimio looks like in action!

Existing features have not been left behind, of course, and this week’s update brings a lot of love to Firefox users. To everyone’s relief, checkboxes and dropdowns now look as pretty on this popular browser as they do on all the others.

As always, if you want to try it, Isimio is still available for free for the duration of our beta. While we can’t say for sure how much longer our beta phase will last, we can guarantee a free period for those who help us become better every day. From all of us, we really appreciate you!