Isimio Staffing Pioneers Shift Demand

As the staffing industry evolves, new and modern solutions must evolve with it. Isimio’s new package for staffing now addresses the issue of variable demand for staff by introducing variable Shift Demand capabilities. Combined with open shifts powered by our machine learning algorithms, Isimio offers unparalleled support for shift fulfillment – whether you need to fill one slot, or twenty, or five, or whatever the client just changed it to.

How Demand for Work Changes

We’ve all been there: you’ve worked hard on the perfect roster for the week, when a phone call comes through. “I just wanted to confirm”, the client says nonchalantly, “that you’re sending us 25 people on Tuesday at 10:00”. A quick glance at your schedule reveals that they had actually only ordered 15, and for 11:30.

You are now met with a choice: Do you confront your client, asking for more time and explaining that you can’t magically pull a list of candidates out of thin air — or do you don your wizard hat and say “No problem, I actually have 30 available if you’re seeing increased demand”. The former option leaves you stranded for candidates, trying not to upset the client. The latter instantly created an upsell opportunity.

Candidates instantly see a card on their app with the shift’s details, and options to accept or decline it.

Isimio Makes it Happen

Isimio Staffing can help make this a reality. Using our exclusive machine-learning matching engine, you can make mass-scale changes to shifts and fill them in moments, without ever having to pick up the phone. Wizard hat sold separately.

When entering an order, enter the amount of staff you need for each particular day. The system finds the best candidates for the job and sends them an invitation in the form of a push notification. If accepted, your candidate will receive their own instance of that shift. Of the multiple candidates you filled a shift with, you can make changes to individual instances. For example, one person might need to come a little earlier, and another might have a different role for compliance purposes. This ability works seamlessly inside Isimio’s scheduling tool.

And this is where the magic happens. When your client changes their requirements, all shifts are automatically updated and checked for compliance! If the move had invalidated any of your candidates, or if the demand had changed to require more candidates, all the old invitations are instantly re-activated. Now new candidates can pick the shift up without having to invite them again.

Isimio keeps track of your invitations in purple, and any compliance or skill mismatches are tagged in red.

Introducing New Isimio Staffing Features

From this story, you may have noticed two features we didn’t have before: Shift Demand – the ability to group multiple shifts into one requirement and change them either together or separately, and Open Shifts – the ability to invite many matching candidates through the mobile app to accept a work order.

Both of these features now come as standard with our Staffing package. They join our long list of features designed to enhance a consultant’s ability to fill in work orders efficiently. Of course, you can still implement your own business logic in addition.

As always, if you’d like to try it out, Isimio is offering its scheduler for free for the duration of the public beta – and a free trial for staffing. This makes it the best time to try out Isimio!