2019 is an exciting year for us. We’ve entered a more stable, advanced beta stage, and the few who are lucky enough to be trialing the application are already buzzing with excitement! This seems like an excellent opportunity to open the product up to a wider audience.

And to support that decision, we’re happy to make a few important announcements:

New Me; New Name

As we gear towards this wider release, we are able to finally reveal the name we have selected for our product. This will now replace our Elastic Scheduler Codename: Isimio.

New Name; New Possibilities

And Isimio no longer comes as just a generic scheduling tool – we now feature our first industry pack for Staffing! This plugin for Isimio comes complete with a scheduler-enabled data model to build rosters, assign shifts, track availability, and more. You can set instant compliance checks, such as whether a worker has been rostered for more than their allowed hours for the week (visa restriction, industry regulation, etc). This plugin also comes with its own mobile app, allowing workers to sign in and out of their shifts using their smart phones, and verifying their location as they do!

It even works offline!

There is certainly a lot more to come in 2019. Check back every once in a while to see what’s new. If you’re interested in trying it out, all you have to do is click!